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Member House of Delegates - HENRY COUNTY
DistrictPrecinctCandidateOriginal ValueChanged ValueReasonCommentDate
House of Delegates 016AB - Central Absentee PrecinctWrite In01OtherWrite-In votes added.11/4/2009 5:23:02 PM
House of Delegates 016505 - DYERS STOREWrite In00OtherWrite-In votes added.11/4/2009 4:42:48 PM
House of Delegates 016503 - STANLEYTOWNWrite In03OtherWrite-In votes added.11/4/2009 4:34:21 PM
House of Delegates 016503 - STANLEYTOWNDonald W. Merricks629626OtherWrite-In votes added.11/4/2009 4:34:21 PM
House of Delegates 016502 - FIGSBOROWrite In03OtherWrite-In votes added.11/4/2009 4:27:39 PM
House of Delegates 016405 - MOUNTAIN VIEWWrite In00OtherWrite-In votes added11/4/2009 3:59:07 PM
House of Delegates 016401 - COLLINSVILLE NUMBER 1Write In00OtherWrite-In votes added11/4/2009 3:16:59 PM
House of Delegates 016305 - MOUNTAIN VALLEYWrite In00OtherWrite-In votes added11/4/2009 3:11:51 PM
House of Delegates 016302 - AXTONWrite In05OtherWrite-In votes added11/4/2009 2:55:59 PM

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